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Angie Bordeaux Photography

A pet is a member of your family. Period. When a pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness or has failing health due to old age, it takes a big toll on your emotional well-being.  I have been there. It tugs at my heartstrings when I find out a family is dealing with the tough choices, financial woes, and sadness that come with the territory of elder pet companionship.

To honor your elderly or terminally ill furry family member and to provide you with a celebration and tangible memories of your love and time together, it is my pleasure to offer "Heal Sessions".  These lifestyle sessions will include beautiful, dignified portraits of your pet and images of him or her with the rest of the family.  Sessions are at your home or a location in Southern Maine that is special to you and your pet.  To minimize any stress to the pet, we will let him or her dictate the length of the session, but we will keep it under an hour.

The goal is to capture the personality of your pet and the love you share with each other in 15-20 images.  The session fee is waived for these special sessions, and substantial discounts are applied to prints and products ordered.

My hope is that these images will assist you in the process of healing through the beautiful memories captured.